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Why You Should Join a Fraternity or Sorority?

Joining a fraternity is good during your college year as it allows you to explore a lot of new things. Every year, about 750,000 students spend their time at a fraternity or sorority. That means you will have many ping pong and solo cup opponents!

And it is not just the games that are involved in a college fraternity or sorority, there are real benefits that you get out of it. Of course, you master the Greek alphabet, but you also get various social, professional, and recreational stuff to do, which provides you with a wide array of knowledge and experience.

Greek life is all about parties, making new friends, long-lasting professional or social connections, and developing various types of skills.

So what is Greek life?

Greek life is a collective term that is used for value-based fraternities/sororities which are tied up with undergraduate colleges or universities.

Their main role is to develop skills like leadership, communication, etc.,     and also provide academic support to the students who join their organizations.

Some fraternities and sororities are national organizations, with chapters associated with hundreds and thousands of universities in the country, and then some fraternities have campus-specific chapters.

Here are some of the benefits that you get once you join a fraternity or sorority.

  1. Networking opportunities:

Fraternities are a great way to build your network. Networking is an imperative part of your professional life as it helps you connect with the right people who can give you the right opportunities at the right time.

Networking is an integral part of college experiences and Greek life. Apart from the professional aspect of networking, it also helps in laying the foundations for your social life.

In professional life, Greek organizations help build networks that provide internships, job opportunities, recommendations, employees, etc. The connections that you build at the university level and the national level can have long-term benefits in your life that can dictate where you end up as a professional.

There are millions of people who joined the sorority and are now working out in the real world because of the connections they made in the organization. Once you join these organizations, you gain membership in an exclusive club.

You get access to so many members, may it be past or present, who can give you a letter of recommendation, help you with landing interviews, etc.

  1. Philanthropy:

Philanthropy is an imperative and one of the secretive parts that lie within Greek organizations. Many people do a lot of hard work in the fraternity to install a culture of philanthropy and service.

However, philanthropic activities vary from one organization to the other or even from one chapter to the other.

Many chapters involve knowledge about philanthropic guidance or community service-orientated projects. Some chapters indulge in leadership positions that are purely dedicated to the philanthropic aspect of Greek life.

There are chapters in the fraternities that raise thousands of dollars for their charity. However, they do not neglect the values that philanthropy or community service brings to the table.

Human tendencies are all about understanding what kind of benefits they get from doing a certain thing. Every national organization has awards for the recognition of the service contributions of its best chapters.

The chapter that is awarded in the organization is always involved in philanthropy and community service work.

  1. Social identity and skill improvement:

To sustain and grow in the real world out there, you need to create an identity and you should have tons of skills that can make you money.

Almost 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies' executives attended Greek Fraternities during their college days. Not only that, almost 80 percent of United States Presidents since 1900 have joined the Greek organizations.

Fraternity and sorority help the youth to learn skills like leadership, management, communication, building their network, and much more. Apart from that, it helps in developing their social identity, which is vital, and finally, it teaches them how to deal with different kinds of people.

Hence, they get exposed to different kinds of people from different cultures during their fraternity days. This gives them vast exposure.

Even teenagers at the age of 18-20 who have zero experience can be part of the fraternity where they have got immense knowledge to grasp. They all get to participate in traditional or collaborative activities during their time at the organizations.

They get a chance to up-skill or express their leadership skills, communication skills, and team management skills, contributing to the workforce of the sorority.

The Greek organizations not only help you develop these skills but also help you claim these skills when you move forward in your life, seeking jobs and internships. The work which you put in the fraternities is included in your C.V where employers can see your experience and skills.

  1. You get full-fledged academic support:

One of the lesser-known facts about fraternities is that they provide you with good quality academic support. Many good sororities provide you with on-hand tutors to teach you various notes and files for popular subjects.

All of these resources, which you get by joining a fraternity, have increased the percentage of students graduating from college as compared to their non-Greek peers.

  1. Fraternities are known for the fun they have! :

When you join a fraternity, the amount of fun involved is infinite.

There are parties, various games, and activities involved once you join in. You are always surrounded by your friends, with whom you have a tremendous amount of fun. Some fraternities indulge in a dress code like wearing a specific type of colored tee-shirt or wearing a scarf or a band etc.

Fun can be had at any time. It depends on the fraternity’s set of rules and changes from a fraternity to a fraternity.


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